The Big Dream Calls & Walking Thru The Desert


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The Big Dream Calls

It’s finally happened, you’ve got the scent, a glimpse of one of those big dreams; one at the top of your bucket list. The one that you were going to do “someone day” is screaming to be done “today.”

Next come the posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter you pick the social media. “Be Fearless – Chase Your Dream,” “If You Can Believe It You Can Achieve It,” a stream of quotes from The Law of Attraction.

You turn on your tv to see the tears of someone who made “it” against all odds and you burst into tears with them. The television is filled with reality shows where the every day person WINS. You start to imagine what it would feel like when you get to live the dream. A wave of warm fuzzy blankets you…It’s all inspiring, motivating and mostly enviable. I want that to be me!

Now you can’t stop thinking about it, the big dream. The more you think about it, the more you want it, the more you want it, the more it seems doable, and crazy and then doable again.

You begin to believe your life can be lived the way you want it to be, and you can actually do it. You begin to strategize, comtemplate the “how” of it. Then, as if by divine guidance, signs start showing up everywhere nudging you to “move forward.” You start watching Shark Tank, and further consider the journey ahead, the bumps don’t look insurmountable, bumps are to be expected. So you decide to head out on the yellow brick road; you take out the loan, you sign the lease, you stick your neck out. This is gonna be good!

Six months later nothing has really happended. A lot is going out the door, with less coming in, you’re in the middle of the desert of your dream. Where there was once an open road now lies nothing but dry and barren unending miles ahead. Every way you look nothing but sand and cactus. How did I get into this desert?

The Who, What, When, Where, How and Why come flooding in. Now being fearless seems foolish, chasing your dreams feels like chasing your tail. Who am I to think I should get to live my dream? The desert is relentlessly asking you to reject its mirages and forge ahead but you’re tired and weak.

This my friends is where the dreamer either makes or breaks the big dream. What does it take to make it? Possessing the ability to stay focused (tenacity), remembering why you embarked on this journey (the carrot) and holding that vision steadfastly (plain old stubborness) is how the big dream becomes your reality. On this leg of the journey the scenery is monotonous. Chances are those who loves you will, in their own loving way, caution you about the dangers of the desert, dehydration, the blistering hot days and freezing cold nights.

This is also the leg of the journey that is the most empowering and exciting. When  you have the patience to let the Universe start to move things around to ease your path. When you make a regular practice of thanking the Universe, in advance, for your answered prayer. When you celebrate that answer so much you feel it in your bones. Then you go into action by demonstrating your willingness to move into the unknown faithfully. This is where the magic happens and your alignment with your dream takes place.

There is a deep inner knowing when you’ve reached this alignment. This knowing is the oasis. You are stronger for believing you deserve, you are empowered by your struggle and ultimate surrender and vulnerability. Your dream manifests as if by magic and then….

You begin your next journey into the desert of your next big dream.

Feel the love my fellow travelers.

In light,

Teri Hunter 949 | 715.4175




Just Let It Happen


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Hi Everyone,

More musing from me….

I was walking Lucky the other day when we walked by a guy who had a book hanging out of his pocket. It jumped out at me. The cover was big bird yellow with bold black letters that read “Resisting Happiness.” I quickly looked up and was surprised to see the guy was probably in his 70s. I thought what a drag it must be to resist happiness after being on the planet for so long. Holy crap….

A few days later I was running errands when not one, but two cars let me into their lane in traffic (unheard of in SoCal). Then as I was approaching Starbucks, the person in front of me held the door open way before I’ve reached it. That triggered the thought of a guy who practically raced me to the door so he could be first in line just days earlier.

On my day off I treated myself to a movie and lunch at one of my favorite resturants. The bartender, a sweet girl in her 20s, overheard me talking to a woman waiting for her take-out biscuits. This gal was going off about these biscuits. I must have started drooling. The bartender bought half a dozen biscuits for me to take to go with my trout dip. I was flabbergasted.

I finally put it all together, a week later. I was at a resturant and I had a “2 for 1” coupon. When I went to pay, she handed the coupon back to me with the 2 for 1 unused. I looked at her like Huh, I just ordered 2 meals? Then she said… “Just let it happen.” Sometimes you hear something and it hits you like a ton of bricks.

BAM… Resisting Happiness is focusing on what isn’t, what hasn’t been and assuming it will probably never be…

BAM… BAM… Just Let It Happen, whatever “it” is. No need for running shoes to chase it down. Focus on how it feels once “it” is here and know there is so much more to be written. Imagine the receiving, the allowing, and trusting that everything I want and need is here or on its way.

BAM… BAM… BAM…  I’m being taken care of and it has been showing up in all sorts of ways. Time to take notice!

I am letting it happen.

I am receiving it as it happens.

I am allowing for more.

Just let it happen!!

In light and with love,

Teri Hunter ~ ~ 949|715.4175



Powerful and Rich


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Hi Everyone,

Its been quite some time since I’ve written a blog. I was inspired by a conversation I overheard at lunch the other day between a mom and her teenage daughter. They were talking about college prep courses. Mom asked what classes she was interested in taking and she said “I don’t care as long as I become powerful and rich when I grow up.” Her mother, without skipping a beat replied “do you want to split the grilled chicken sandwich?” and that was the end of that. I was a little taken aback.

On the walk home I wondered how that girl defined powerful and rich. When I was a teenager it meant having a lot of influence over people so they thought I was important and, of course money, sitting on bags and bags of money. When I had the money, everyone would do what I wanted. I chuckled at the naivete of my youth.

I found myself conversing with the younger me. Inspiration welled up as I started telling her what I have learned about real power and being rich. “It’s an inside job,” I would tell her, “it comes from trusting the creator inside.” NO I’m not talking about God. I’m talking about me, my gifts, my talents. I told her that as I/we focus on how we feel when we express those talents and gifts, the sense of freedom that it elicits, that’s when we become most powerful and infinitly rich. The joyful expression of self sends a ripple into the Universe that gives others permission to express themselves. That ripple has unmeasurable influence and power in ways that supersede, and at the same time, are inclusive of material wealth and power.

Walking along the ocean’s cliff, the springtime breeze blowing my big old mane of hair around, me and my mini-me feel free. I have been blessed with the courage to walk toward myself regardless of outside input. I have been rewarded for being vulnerable to my dreams and in my belief that I have what it take to make them a reality.

As I faithfully and purposefully choose me, keep pointing my ship toward what feels good, I live an amazing life that gets better every day!

In light and with love,

Teri Hunter 949 | 715.4175

The Holidays


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screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-6-56-33-pmHi Everyone,

The Holidays are upon us!!! It’s a love/hate relationship for most of us. I know it is for me. The pressure started earlier this year as those familiar red and green decorations started crowding the store shelves before Hallo’s ween had haunted or howled. And as pretty as the lights twinkling from the rooftops are, more often than not, this is the time of year that scratches old wounds, spotlights any unfulfilled goals, stresses any fractures in our relationships with ourselves and with others.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Christmas was like Thanksgiving, no presents or shopping stress, instead we brought a game to share together? Wouldn’t be nice to make something by hand or write a letter letting someone know you love them, so they can re-read it throughout the year?

As my time on this earth gets longer I miss a slower pace. I don’t care about “things” as much. If I had my Christmas wish it would be for more laughter, more love and more kindness.

Happy Holidays. I hope you put yourself at the top of your list.

In light and with love,

Teri Hunter ~ ~ 949 | 715-4175




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screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-3-35-23-pmI don’t know if I can put it into words what I’m feeling but I’m going to try to share what I’ve taken away from this historic week, for me, Teri Hunter, a Soul having a human experience.

I love this country. I love being an American. I love the idea that, we as an American people, are encouraged to voice and express ourselves as a God given right. To be able to pick and choose, who and what we want to be, is the ultimate freedom. This freedom is the vision of our founding fathers, a vision countless souls laid down their lives for.

On Wednesday morning the shedding of our country’s old skin made me anxious all day, worse than the days leading up to the election. I wanted to hide. The collective energy outside felt contemptious. Everyone who was looking forward to the anger, the hatred, and the name calling to be over was in for a rude awakening. We all know, it has only gotten worse.

This upheavel brings resolve to my heart. It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about how I show up in the game. I took a good hard look at myself this week. Am I being the change I wish to see in this world?

I pledge to see the best in others when they are not at, what I think should be, their best.

I pledge to see the person, the human, the soul rather than a Party, a Vote or a Color or any other label …. You fill in the Box. And it is a Box.

I pledge to remember that everyone has a story that wants to be heard. I will try to listen more. And in doing so, I can choose my actions versus reacting.

I pledge to remember love when others have forgotten what it feels like.

This turbulent time in our country has reminded me of how much I love The United States. How much I want to nurture her and how invested I am in her founding principles.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to read my thoughts. May blessings fill your days and nights.

In light and with love,

Teri Hunter | 949-715-4175




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A lot of people are telling me how frustrated they are in their attempts to manifest their desires. They have tried everything they can think of. The list of “doing” is long; vision boards, saying affirmations, getting energy work and, the most common, staying positive. Yet, there are no results.

What I’ve learned in the years I’ve been doing my work is that every thought is really two thoughts. The first is the initial desire, thought #1. Then there is the “road to get there” thought #2.

It is thought #2 that usually gets the most attention. People ruminate and chew on all the challenges, the potential pitfalls and the hurdles. In doing so, the “excited, joyful” energy it takes to manifest is eclipsed by the struggle to get there thoughts.


I’d bet if you stop right now and think of something you want… the instant you do, the thought of “how will it happen” will follow in a flash. Now I ask you to observe how much time you spend on the “how.” The how usually instills a fearful energy and that fear dominates the energetic vibration being sent out into the Universe.

I propose a little experiment. This week when a desire comes to mind, watch yourself in the moments that follow. What is your predominate thought? Is that thought based in fear or faith? What percentage of time are you feeling excited about your desire and what percentage of time are you worrying about it? This can be the measure of how close you are to manifestation.

When you allow your imagination to flow to the obtainment of that desire, what will it be like, what will it feel like? When you muster the excitement regardless of the physical evidence, you are in the zone. Once in the zone, your desires are on their way.

I’d love to hear how your experiments go, what you notice about your thoughts and what they are drawing toward you.

Have a great week everyone. Sending love and light to your days and nights.

Blessings to you,

Teri Hunter
949 | 715.4175



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I woke up this morning with the sense that good things are popping up all over the place. I have been making a point of thinking the universe is actually magical and its got surprises lined up for me. There are no outward signs of magic, nothing has overtly changed to bring on this feeling. I’ve just Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 1.35.06 PMbeen making a concentrated effort when I open my eyes to think what a great day it’s going to be.

The glint in Morgan Freeman’s eye perfectly captures how I have been feeling.

So today I go to the local healthbar, Jan’s Healthbar @janshealthbar, as I do every day since they opened to get my juice. Well, I dropped $40 bucks on the counter without realizing it and you know what happened… KINDNESS

I was waiting outside with Lucky completely clueless when one of the girls comes out to ask me if I paid with cash. The KIND woman in line saw the money, told the girls, they know I pay with cash most of the time and they gave me my $40 bucks back.

That collective act of kindness inspired me beyond true expression. Today, $40 bucks reminded me that the world is a kind place, people are kind, good things are happening.

In light and with love (and $40 bucks in her pocket)

Teri Hunter 949 | 715.4175





Explore Your Light


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Recently I had someone say to me that they are going to “explore their dark side.” My immediate thought was “don’t people do a little too much of that?”

We regurgitate our history with great emphasis on what was not given to us, what was wrong in the way we were treated or what we didn’t get. And then how damaged we are as a result of it.

Don’t get me wrong I wholeheartedly support self-reflection, self-awareness and conscious action. There is also a time when it is what it is!!!!! You cannot change the past!!!! Quit picking the scab!!!!!!!!!Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 8.29.51 AM

There are those that will say that when one acknowledges their strengths and acts enthusiastically with confidence that they are uppity, boastful, a little too much for those dwelling in the dark.

I say bullshit… Yes bullshit!!!! It’s YOUR life! Live it for you!!!!

Can you imagine how incredibly happy the people of this planet would be if we all celebrated our talents, praised our gifts and felt free to explore our light?

Enough is enough!!!!! The more one puts their attention on the dark – the more dark you will attract. It’s Universal Law!!!

Explore your light. Dare to run ahead of the pack. The scenary is friggin awesome!

I say this at the end of every blog and I mean…


Teri Hunter 949 | 715.4175

Yes or No?


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Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 2.33.32 PMPeople tell me all the time how frustrated they are that things haven’t changed. In the same breath they say “I want things to go back to the way they used to be.”

Can you imagine if Wishfulfilment aka The Universe aka God answering prayers ran like a call-center? The poor operators, aka your Guides and Angels, would be back logged forever trying to sort it out.

“She said she wanted things to change and then she said no go back to the way they were.”

“Didn’t she want things to change back then too?


“I guess she meant no she doesn’t want anything to change.”

And your wish goes into the “No Change” pile. It is impossible to manifest anything if the primary vibration doesn’t support the desire.

Let me put is this way… You cannot hold the frequency of abundance when you count your pennies with feelings like “I better be smart with my money.” The primary vibration is that there will not be enough in the end. And that primary vibration is one of resistance to allowing abundance into your experience.

The frequency of abundance feels joyful, trusting, faithful, optimistic, excited, and bubbly.

The frequency of “counting my pennies” feels fearful, untrusting, pessimistic, unsafe, and closed off.

When you desire to experience something, ask yourself how you feel about the idea? If you don’t want to jump up and down, do a jig and scream from the rooftops… don’t start the idea! Keep thinking about it until you can find that excitement. It is your feelings that water the idea and make it grow. Your feelings will tell you the truth as to whether your desire is coming, fear pushes it out – faith pulls it in.

Find the YES inside of you and nuture it.

In light and with love

Teri Hunter 949 | 715.4175

Staying Positive – The Undercurrent


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Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about staying positive and thinking positive. Whether they are experiencing challenges, looking for their dream job or finding their soulmate, whatever it is…. Everybody is going to be “positive!!!”

I may sound like a nutjob right now but I think staying positive is what is holding them back from getting what they want. Staying positive feels like I’m resisting the negative and in doing so… ‘what you resist persists’ Right!!!!

The undercurrent of staying positive really focuses on the absence of what we desire. We think “Oh I want – you fill in the blank” and in the same instance we think of the struggle to obtain it.Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 3.16.47 PM

If you are like most people, which I am, you will spend way more time thinking about the absence of what you want, which will turn into the feeling of that absence, much more than you will focus on the fulfillment of your desire. Which will, in turn, push that desire further away from you rather than closer.

And then you declare “I’m going to stay positive.” More resistance. When we say “I am going to be positive” we put that positive feeling out in the future somewhere. We’ve now doubled our resistance. We are resisting giving into the negative thought (1) by staying positive sometime in the future (2).

A vicious circle you say! It doesn’t have to be. Yet getting out isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes determination. It takes a willingness to hold onto to that desire regardless of what the real world is showing you right now. You’ve built a certain momentum. To shift that momentum you get to shift what you focus on and build a new momentum. It takes faith that what is already inside of you is waiting to show you what you can do.

On the days all you have to hang your hat on is “staying positive” what if you surrendered lack and sarcity rather than resisting it. Be willing to stand in the uncomfortable energy of what is deemed “negative.” What if you asked Spirit to show you something you have forgotten about yourself. What if that “negative” is really a “positive” you’ve been resisting.

Something to think about.

In light and with love

Teri Hunter | 949.715.4175