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The Big Dream Calls

It’s finally happened, you’ve got the scent, a glimpse of one of those big dreams; one at the top of your bucket list. The one that you were going to do “someone day” is screaming to be done “today.”

Next come the posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter you pick the social media. “Be Fearless – Chase Your Dream,” “If You Can Believe It You Can Achieve It,” a stream of quotes from The Law of Attraction.

You turn on your tv to see the tears of someone who made “it” against all odds and you burst into tears with them. The television is filled with reality shows where the every day person WINS. You start to imagine what it would feel like when you get to live the dream. A wave of warm fuzzy blankets you…It’s all inspiring, motivating and mostly enviable. I want that to be me!

Now you can’t stop thinking about it, the big dream. The more you think about it, the more you want it, the more you want it, the more it seems doable, and crazy and then doable again.

You begin to believe your life can be lived the way you want it to be, and you can actually do it. You begin to strategize, comtemplate the “how” of it. Then, as if by divine guidance, signs start showing up everywhere nudging you to “move forward.” You start watching Shark Tank, and further consider the journey ahead, the bumps don’t look insurmountable, bumps are to be expected. So you decide to head out on the yellow brick road; you take out the loan, you sign the lease, you stick your neck out. This is gonna be good!

Six months later nothing has really happended. A lot is going out the door, with less coming in, you’re in the middle of the desert of your dream. Where there was once an open road now lies nothing but dry and barren unending miles ahead. Every way you look nothing but sand and cactus. How did I get into this desert?

The Who, What, When, Where, How and Why come flooding in. Now being fearless seems foolish, chasing your dreams feels like chasing your tail. Who am I to think I should get to live my dream? The desert is relentlessly asking you to reject its mirages and forge ahead but you’re tired and weak.

This my friends is where the dreamer either makes or breaks the big dream. What does it take to make it? Possessing the ability to stay focused (tenacity), remembering why you embarked on this journey (the carrot) and holding that vision steadfastly (plain old stubborness) is how the big dream becomes your reality. On this leg of the journey the scenery is monotonous. Chances are those who loves you will, in their own loving way, caution you about the dangers of the desert, dehydration, the blistering hot days and freezing cold nights.

This is also the leg of the journey that is the most empowering and exciting. When  you have the patience to let the Universe start to move things around to ease your path. When you make a regular practice of thanking the Universe, in advance, for your answered prayer. When you celebrate that answer so much you feel it in your bones. Then you go into action by demonstrating your willingness to move into the unknown faithfully. This is where the magic happens and your alignment with your dream takes place.

There is a deep inner knowing when you’ve reached this alignment. This knowing is the oasis. You are stronger for believing you deserve, you are empowered by your struggle and ultimate surrender and vulnerability. Your dream manifests as if by magic and then….

You begin your next journey into the desert of your next big dream.

Feel the love my fellow travelers.

In light,

Teri Hunter http://www.terihunter.com 949 | 715.4175