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Hi Everyone,

More musing from me….

I was walking Lucky the other day when we walked by a guy who had a book hanging out of his pocket. It jumped out at me. The cover was big bird yellow with bold black letters that read “Resisting Happiness.” I quickly looked up and was surprised to see the guy was probably in his 70s. I thought what a drag it must be to resist happiness after being on the planet for so long. Holy crap….

A few days later I was running errands when not one, but two cars let me into their lane in traffic (unheard of in SoCal). Then as I was approaching Starbucks, the person in front of me held the door open way before I’ve reached it. That triggered the thought of a guy who practically raced me to the door so he could be first in line just days earlier.

On my day off I treated myself to a movie and lunch at one of my favorite resturants. The bartender, a sweet girl in her 20s, overheard me talking to a woman waiting for her take-out biscuits. This gal was going off about these biscuits. I must have started drooling. The bartender bought half a dozen biscuits for me to take to go with my trout dip. I was flabbergasted.

I finally put it all together, a week later. I was at a resturant and I had a “2 for 1” coupon. When I went to pay, she handed the coupon back to me with the 2 for 1 unused. I looked at her like Huh, I just ordered 2 meals? Then she said… “Just let it happen.” Sometimes you hear something and it hits you like a ton of bricks.

BAM… Resisting Happiness is focusing on what isn’t, what hasn’t been and assuming it will probably never be…

BAM… BAM… Just Let It Happen, whatever “it” is. No need for running shoes to chase it down. Focus on how it feels once “it” is here and know there is so much more to be written. Imagine the receiving, the allowing, and trusting that everything I want and need is here or on its way.

BAM… BAM… BAM…  I’m being taken care of and it has been showing up in all sorts of ways. Time to take notice!

I am letting it happen.

I am receiving it as it happens.

I am allowing for more.

Just let it happen!!

In light and with love,

Teri Hunter ~ http://www.terihunter.com ~ 949|715.4175