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Recently I had someone say to me that they are going to “explore their dark side.” My immediate thought was “don’t people do a little too much of that?”

We regurgitate our history with great emphasis on what was not given to us, what was wrong in the way we were treated or what we didn’t get. And then how damaged we are as a result of it.

Don’t get me wrong I wholeheartedly support self-reflection, self-awareness and conscious action. There is also a time when it is what it is!!!!! You cannot change the past!!!! Quit picking the scab!!!!!!!!!Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 8.29.51 AM

There are those that will say that when one acknowledges their strengths and acts enthusiastically with confidence that they are uppity, boastful, a little too much for those dwelling in the dark.

I say bullshit… Yes bullshit!!!! It’s YOUR life! Live it for you!!!!

Can you imagine how incredibly happy the people of this planet would be if we all celebrated our talents, praised our gifts and felt free to explore our light?

Enough is enough!!!!! The more one puts their attention on the dark – the more dark you will attract. It’s Universal Law!!!

Explore your light. Dare to run ahead of the pack. The scenary is friggin awesome!

I say this at the end of every blog and I mean…


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