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A lot of people are telling me how frustrated they are in their attempts to manifest their desires. They have tried everything they can think of. The list of “doing” is long; vision boards, saying affirmations, getting energy work and, the most common, staying positive. Yet, there are no results.

What I’ve learned in the years I’ve been doing my work is that every thought is really two thoughts. The first is the initial desire, thought #1. Then there is the “road to get there” thought #2.

It is thought #2 that usually gets the most attention. People ruminate and chew on all the challenges, the potential pitfalls and the hurdles. In doing so, the “excited, joyful” energy it takes to manifest is eclipsed by the struggle to get there thoughts.


I’d bet if you stop right now and think of something you want… the instant you do, the thought of “how will it happen” will follow in a flash. Now I ask you to observe how much time you spend on the “how.” The how usually instills a fearful energy and that fear dominates the energetic vibration being sent out into the Universe.

I propose a little experiment. This week when a desire comes to mind, watch yourself in the moments that follow. What is your predominate thought? Is that thought based in fear or faith? What percentage of time are you feeling excited about your desire and what percentage of time are you worrying about it? This can be the measure of how close you are to manifestation.

When you allow your imagination to flow to the obtainment of that desire, what will it be like, what will it feel like? When you muster the excitement regardless of the physical evidence, you are in the zone. Once in the zone, your desires are on their way.

I’d love to hear how your experiments go, what you notice about your thoughts and what they are drawing toward you.

Have a great week everyone. Sending love and light to your days and nights.

Blessings to you,

Teri Hunter
949 | 715.4175