Conviction of the Heart


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I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness, love and prosperity and what it means to say “I am fully living my life.”

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The first thing I noticed was that I was trying to define what it “means to say I am living my life fully.” Sounds like I care more about what other people think about “my full life” than I care about how I feel living it.

Conviction and commitment are unwavering by nature. Happiness, love, and abundance are the product of a person’s willingness to have commitment and conviction to their own heart’s urgings. Our souls yearn for this vibration so that we can allow these experiences into our physical space.

Every single one of us walking planet Earth has had our heart broken by someone or something. We hope that things will fall into place or that they will change. This is where most of us sell ourselves short. We give up and settle for what is being offered rather than what we truly need. If you think about it… really get deep and ask yourself “Do I walk a path with Conviction of my Heart leading the way?”

Conviction of the Heart takes courage. Conviction of the Heart says “I will protect and serve your highest and greatest good. My commitment is to your infinite happiness and joy. Rely on your conviction as you transition out of any ‘virtual’ experience that asks you to dim your light or dull your desires.”

Trust the Conviction of your Heart. Listen to its wisdom as it steers you away from what you ‘thought’ you wanted into what you have only dreamt of.

In light and with love,

Teri Hunter






Dreams – Thoughts that permeate my sleep


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I talk a lot about dreams, the kind that speak of achievement, goals and attainment of passions. What about those other dreams, the ones that permeate sleep?

Have you ever had one of the those dreams that while you were dreaming you thought to yourself “What is this all about?” And the minute you had that thought the details of the dream started to fade? Or one of those dreams that is akin to a mini-series, you get a bathroom break and it picks up right where it left off? Or a dream that was so real, so vivid, so vibrant that you felt you were transported to some other place? Some of you say “No, I never remember my dreams.”Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.54.22 AM

If I remember my dreams at all they tend to be morning time dreams. I often ask myself, “Why are my dreams so obscure, random and seemingly out of context? Is the organ known as my mind enjoying a brain dump, regurgitating the day, processing and compartmentalizing events? What is going on in there?”

I question…  “if our thoughts are the stepping stones to our next experience, do the unconscious musings of our minds during dream time effect our conscious daily lives?”

Do happy people have happier dreams, thereby perpetuating their happiness. In contrast do unhappy people have unhappy, unconscious dreams… you get where I’m going?

My mind continues to drone on whether I’m unaware of it or not. So I’ve decided to do a little experiment… For the next month as I fall asleep I’m consciously starting my dreams… I am going to imagine myself in places and with people I love and enjoy… give my unconscious mind a leg up, point it in the right direction…

And with that…. Sweet dreams y’all.

In light and with love

Teri Hunter 949| 715.4175



Lucky Thirteen


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Thirteen years ago my life was in shambles. I was making one bad decision after another. The more I tried to make the right move, the more left life took me. The more control I tried to exert, the more obviously out of control I was. An endless stream of thoughts focused on “what I wasn’t and what I didn’t have.” Rock bottom revealed itself in the loss of everything I owned, stolen by bandits in the night…. Splattttttttt.

Thirteen years ago I picked myself up; started making decisions based on how they would make me feel, not how they would look to others. Thirteen years ago I noticed my thoughts and saw that they were based on antiquated beliefs. Thirteen years ago I learned it takes courage to appear to fail. Thirteen years ago I started to practice assessing rather than judging and discovered I have fabulous flaws and I celebrated them…

Picture 1

This morning as Lucky and I were taking our walk I looked out over the ocean and felt the most intense feeling of gratitude wash over me. Thoughts of my grandmother; she was an artist, a violinist and a free spirit. She always wanted to live in Laguna, enchanted she called it her sleepy little seaside retreat and talked about taking her easel and painting along the cliffs, smelling the salty air, hearing the seagulls announce the arrival of a new day. Today the magnitude of it hits me…Her dream is my dream and I am living it!!!

Thirteen years ago I gave myself permission to see myself through a fresh lens. What would happen if you gave yourself permission?

Live your best life… You deserve.

In light and with love,

Teri Hunter ~





Love, Laughter and Lunacy


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It never ceases to amaze me how Spirit communicates when I’m paying attention. It happened all the time when writing Word Vibration of the Week. I’d pull a word and it would be spot-on for the dynamic of that week, both for myself and many of you who read it.

Much the way I threw words in a bowl, in the 2.0 version of my blog I have written down topics and have been pulling one weekly to write my perspective on. This week the topic is “Laughter, are you doing enough of it?”

So here’s where Spirit steps in to mess with my mind… That evening on AGT there is a contestant who is a “Laughter” Coach!!!! She got up on stage and proceeded to laugh. It didn’t take long before she got buzzed off. And I will admit, I thought she was a little dorky, laughing at everything. I wondered if she was for real? Could she really be so happy while the audience booed her and Simon rolled his eyes?

Sign #2… The very next morning, Lucky and I are on our walk when we stumble upon a group of people practicing “laughter” therapy on the beach. They are literally standing in a circle, patting each other on the back and laughing at thin air. (I hope you are laughing right now, because I am.) Again, I sort of looked at them and thought… oh i’m being judgy right now but I think those people are probably lunatics.

Scan 12

Sign #3… Two days later we see them again!!!!! Mind you, Lucky and I have been taking this walk daily for 4 years and never have we seen these people before. Now twice in two days!!!!! Suddenly this huge wave of rockous laughter rolls over me. I side-eye them cause I’m afraid if one of them sees me looking they’ll know I think they are a few donuts shy of a dozen. No adult person in their right mind would be caught dead… another wave a laughter rolls over me.

“Why don’t we ever laugh like that anymore?” a familiar voice whispered in my head. “It’s so much fun.” My heart sank. “Have you forgotten?” she asked. “No, I remember.” “Then why don’t we do it more?” I didn’t really have an answer. She went on “Remember the time…” her voice skipping down memory lane, reminding of people, places and things that truly made me laugh from the depths of my being.

“You know those people look like lunatics?” Resigned she sighed, “Only grown-ups would say that.” I started to argue “Look at them…” With a giggle she said “Don’t they look like they’re having fun? Like that scene from Mary Poppins.” Flashbacks of my sister and I sitting on our beds, trying to laugh as hard as we could so we would rise to the ceiling like Burt, Uncle Arthur, Jane and Michael. I love to laugh…. hahahahaha…. long and loud and clear…. I love to laugh…. hahahahahahhahaahahahhaa…

Flaring nostrils, torso rocking and the next thing you know one of us is holding our pants and running for the bathroom. And with that thought I laughed out loud.

As I have gotten older I think I have forgotten the importance of being silly, acting like a kid and laughing for no reason at all. I tend to get caught up in the business of life, being practical, acting responsibly. While I’m not ready to stand on the beach and laugh at the air, I am willing to let the child inside out to play a whole lot more. She deserves the break, and if I’m smart, she’s the one who’s going to keep life fun.

When was the last time you laughed so hard you….

The picture is of my dad, my sister on the left and me (inner child included) on the right. Have a great week and happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there.

In light and with love,

Teri Hunter 949 | 715.4175


Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?


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Hi Everyone,

Recently I have been introduced to live streaming media, specifically a website called Blab For those of you who are unfamiliar with Blab, (and hopefully I wasn’t the only one) it enables up to four people to have a live face-to-face conversation from anywhere in the World. Others can watch the conversation and comment, if they choose, in the side chat.

After a few weeks of watching the interactions, it struck me that people were meeting on a regular basis and real relationships were being forged. It doesn’t matter that one person is in Los Angeles while another is in London, and another in Rhode Island, and yet another in Australia. Friendships are being carved in the present moment, which is “technically different” for each person. My mind giggles at the idea that it is Wednesday in one location and Thursday in another, dusk and dawn, summer and winter all simultaneously as these world citizens share their lives with each other.

I am witnessing people, (who just a few years ago would not have access to each other) create true, invested relationships with one another. I am excited to see people curious about each other and the differing cultures and customs only to find common threads that weave us together in unity.

I have seen people stay on the site all night long to support someone who lives alone and is under-the-weather or in a compromised emotional state. During these exchanges, each person is in the moment together, time and space having no barring what-so-ever. The Earth and its inhabitants are being offered opportunities generations before only considered Science Fiction.

I feel blessed to watch time as it bends, and stretches, replacing rigid lines with open spaces. Finding connectedness where there was once separation. And with that thought… does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care… about time?


In light and with love,

Teri Hunter phone: 949| 715.4175

Beauty, Bears and The Beholder


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Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone,

Last Sunday my family and I celebrated a belated Mother’s Day by renting a Duffy boat and cruising around Newport Beach harbor. The harbor is the epitome of beauty. Its shoreline is peppered with luxurious multi-million dollar homes and lavish yachts gently wobble alongside their million dollar docks.

It was so peaceful seeing the sunlight catch the ripples in our wake, the water glistening in response. Just under the hmmmm of the motor I swore I heard Robin Leach whispering “champagne wishes & caviar dreams.”

Soon we ventured down one of the canals and came across the Bear House. The owners of this place are renowned for the bear colony they have created.Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 10.56.57 AM It is home to over 3,500 teddy bears…. that crowd the windows, the doorways and from the look of things, all the rest of the airspace in their multi-million dollar home. I can only imagine what happens in December when the remainder of the bears come out of hibernation.

Being a minimalist as the week went on I found myself reflecting on the Bear house and feeling jittery. I’d imagine waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and thousands of beady bear eyes following me in the dark. The only worse idea is that they could be clowns.

My mind ran amok thinking about that bear house. How do they clean it? Dusting all those bears would be a nightmare. Don’t the bears block the view? How do they stand living in all that clutter?

In that moment I heard… “To them it is beautiful, an extension of a gentler era, a time of innocence. It warms their hearts and fuels their souls. It’s their creative expression.”

There’s a reason they say “to each his own.” Just because I don’t see the beauty in something doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. And on that note: my intention for the week is to seek beauty where I normally wouldn’t look.

Have a great week.

In light and with love,

Teri Hunter
949 | 715.4175



Matching outfits? Not as cheesy as you think!


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It’s interesting to me how people can make an impression that they have NO clue they made. A few weeks ago Lucky and I were coming back from our morning walk when we ran into our friend Gale. She was sitting on a bench over looking the magnificent Laguna Beach shore line (yes I brag a bit). We decided to sit and chat for awhile.

Soon a couple, I’m assuming was in their 70s, were walking towards us wearing exactly the same outfit. They looked great!!!! Not a cheesy, matchy match ensemble, but rather nice khakis, coordinating plaid shirts and complementing Patagonia fleece vests. I could hear ZZ Top strike a chord…

Being the shy gal I am I stopped them “Excuse me… do you always dress alike?” They said yes. I asked them how it happened and they explained it had started about 13 years ago, a few years after they got together. She had picked out a shirt for him that she liked herself and decided to get one too. It snowballed from there. He said she picks out most of their outfits. She has impeccable taste; his eyes twinkled.

I hadn’t noticed they were holding hands until we said our goodbyes and they walked away. They had such a peaceful stride. I felt a tinge of envy watching the connection between them.

Since then I’ve been thinking about what it takes to create a bond between two people that declares in every moment I am one half of a whole. I know the buzz words – be vulnerable, be open, be willing. Yet I think it takes more. What I saw between that couple was a deep kindness and reverence for each other. I saw two people who cherished one another.

How did they get there? What permissions did they give themselves to be that willing to experience the potential pitfalls – loss, rejection, and a host of others?

Here’s what I came up:

I think age has something to do with it. The idea that time is finite and the more time we have under our matching belts the less time we have ahead.

I think it has to do with being kind. Literally just being a kind person. And if someone isn’t kind to me, I get to be kind to myself regardless.

I think it has to do with being your authentic self – all the nooks and crannies. I’m not talking “this is me, take it or leave it.” I’m talking this is me as a single person and I’m willing to see who I am as I compromise into couplehood.

I think its about being aware of how I show up when my partner isn’t at his/her best. Am I willing to let my partner be fabulously flawed? I guess this part is about forgiveness. Forgiveness, for me, puts the past in the past and doesn’t rehash every flaw. In that respect it’s also about self-love; treating my partner the way I want to be treated when I’m not at my best.

While I couldn’t find a picture of a “matching”
couple that would Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 12.06.27 PMdo this couple justice. I am without a doubt inspired by them, not so much by their outfits, but the story their outfits told me.

Love is all about choice. Every day I get to make that choice.

Have a great week.

In light and with love,

Teri Hunter 949 | 715.4175


Trust In Your Truth


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Hey Everyone,

I haven’t posted a real meaty blog in a while, and today I was inspired… Not so much because I’m jumping up and down full of enthusiasm but rather my inspiration came whilst taking off my “muddy” boots.

Lucky and I went for our morning walk and stop at the local coffee house (ok, coffee chain). On the way back I felt like I was walking through mud. The closer we got to home the more I realized that I have all these ideas, projects and visions for moving forward and they’re feeling like they are at a standstill. My logical mind knows I’m making progress but geezzzzzz…. the rest of me wants to move sooooooo much faster.

Since 2016 started I have been aware of some astrological dynamics, making forward motion harder than usual.  I know it’s a time of surrender and patience within these dynamics yet… I’m so over it.

Do any of you feel you are walking the same muddy road?  Here’s what I’ve learned…

Astrologically speaking… Welcome to 2016

I know a lot of people don’t necessarily look to the stars when they run up against a challenging period in their lives. We joke about the crazies during a Full Moon, or the tides during a Super Moon but other than that my experience is most people don’t think about what’s going on “out there.”  So I thought I’d share where “the mud” has been…

Most of the last five months have had one planet or another in retrograde. We started the year off with Mercury (intelligence, language, memory, expression, the mind, communications, electronics, social media, the internet, all things digital) traveling backwards the entire month of JanuaryScreen Shot 2016-05-19 at 1.00.24 PM .

Jupiter (expansion, lucky breaks, generosity, life purpose, blessings, optimism, prosperity) was retrograde from Jan 7 thru May 9th.

March saw Saturn (the taskmaster, work and work hard; governs disciplines/rules/organization/structure) take its step back, followed by Mars (ambition, sexual desire, passion, determination, will to act, discipline, motivation, initiation, impulses, fire within, energy levels, expressing anger), Pluto (transformation, destruction, creation, regeneration, healing, renewal, power struggles, upheaval) and Mercury (yes again) in April. So if you have felt like you are walking through mud… metaphorically you very well could be.

We’ve hit the peak of these challenging dynamics for the most part. As the summer approaches many of these challenging dynamics will calm down. In the meantime, I’m trusting the Drum in my Soul is making way for greater expressions of itself.

In light and with Love,

Teri Hunter