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Picture 4Robin Williams – May peace envelop You, may laughter fill your Heart, may love fill  your Soul.  You are deeply missed.

Hi Everyone,

I am not alone in my shock and awe over the loss of Robin Williams.  To say he was a genius is an understatement, to try to define the undefinable, ridiculous.  It’s hard to imagine this funny, delightful, demented man feeling so much pain that he forgot to value his own life.

In 1998 Robin starred in a movie entitled “What Dreams May Come.”  This is a dark movie painted on a visually stunning canvas.  The reason I bring up this movie is Robin plays the leading man who is tragically killed in a car crash, just a few short years after both this children are killed in a similar type of crash, leaving Robin’s leading lady a childless widow.

From Robin’s vantage Heaven is a beautiful, inspiring and magical place. From his wife’s vantage Life is lonely, dark and isolating.  Robin, through eyes only the afterlife can afford him, sees “life” and “death” from a much different perspective.  There is no death.  We continue.  Picture 2His enthusiasm morphs into a foreboding as he realizes his wife’s veiled mild cannot comprehend we are eternal. He can feel the quicksand that is the depression taking her over.  He desperately tries to help pull her up but to no avail.  Masked by the intensity of her depression she crosses herself over, the scene is even more intense in its darkness. Eventually Robin’s character is able to cut through all illusions and reach her heart and bring her into the light.

I thank Robin for bringing the World so many rich, deep and thought evoking performances and for making us laugh until we tinkled (just a wee bit) in our pants.

As the World remembers the Soul, known in this life as Robin Williams, I thank God for bringing Robin into the Light and into Peace.

As always, in light and with love,
Teri Hunter