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Picture 5Robin Williams’ crossing himself over has had a ripple effect of epic proportion.  People all over the World are mourning and its palatable.  It has caused me to think a lot about depression.  Feeling haunted by the darkness of one’s own thoughts.  Nowhere to escape.  Choices become more and more narrow until there is only one choice left… And it is the WRONG CHOICE.

I recently met an amazing woman.  She has created a forum where people can express any thought they want.  Her intention for the site is provide a loving and safe venue to say the things one not dare say out loud.  A place where you can anonymously find support as you shed light into those dark places.



Your truth is welcome here: share what we don’t share.

I would like to take a minute to introduce you to her via the following links.  My intention is that if anyone ever need to feel heard… This is the place #LovelyHuman

As always…
In Light and with Love,
Teri Hunter