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I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness, love and prosperity and what it means to say “I am fully living my life.”

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The first thing I noticed was that I was trying to define what it “means to say I am living my life fully.” Sounds like I care more about what other people think about “my full life” than I care about how I feel living it.

Conviction and commitment are unwavering by nature. Happiness, love, and abundance are the product of a person’s willingness to have commitment and conviction to their own heart’s urgings. Our souls yearn for this vibration so that we can allow these experiences into our physical space.

Every single one of us walking planet Earth has had our heart broken by someone or something. We hope that things will fall into place or that they will change. This is where most of us sell ourselves short. We give up and settle for what is being offered rather than what we truly need. If you think about it… really get deep and ask yourself “Do I walk a path with Conviction of my Heart leading the way?”

Conviction of the Heart takes courage. Conviction of the Heart says “I will protect and serve your highest and greatest good. My commitment is to your infinite happiness and joy. Rely on your conviction as you transition out of any ‘virtual’ experience that asks you to dim your light or dull your desires.”

Trust the Conviction of your Heart. Listen to its wisdom as it steers you away from what you ‘thought’ you wanted into what you have only dreamt of.

In light and with love,

Teri Hunter