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I talk a lot about dreams, the kind that speak of achievement, goals and attainment of passions. What about those other dreams, the ones that permeate sleep?

Have you ever had one of the those dreams that while you were dreaming you thought to yourself “What is this all about?” And the minute you had that thought the details of the dream started to fade? Or one of those dreams that is akin to a mini-series, you get a bathroom break and it picks up right where it left off? Or a dream that was so real, so vivid, so vibrant that you felt you were transported to some other place? Some of you say “No, I never remember my dreams.”Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.54.22 AM

If I remember my dreams at all they tend to be morning time dreams. I often ask myself, “Why are my dreams so obscure, random and seemingly out of context? Is the organ known as my mind enjoying a brain dump, regurgitating the day, processing and compartmentalizing events? What is going on in there?”

I question…  “if our thoughts are the stepping stones to our next experience, do the unconscious musings of our minds during dream time effect our conscious daily lives?”

Do happy people have happier dreams, thereby perpetuating their happiness. In contrast do unhappy people have unhappy, unconscious dreams… you get where I’m going?

My mind continues to drone on whether I’m unaware of it or not. So I’ve decided to do a little experiment… For the next month as I fall asleep I’m consciously starting my dreams… I am going to imagine myself in places and with people I love and enjoy… give my unconscious mind a leg up, point it in the right direction…

And with that…. Sweet dreams y’all.

In light and with love

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