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Thirteen years ago my life was in shambles. I was making one bad decision after another. The more I tried to make the right move, the more left life took me. The more control I tried to exert, the more obviously out of control I was. An endless stream of thoughts focused on “what I wasn’t and what I didn’t have.” Rock bottom revealed itself in the loss of everything I owned, stolen by bandits in the night…. Splattttttttt.

Thirteen years ago I picked myself up; started making decisions based on how they would make me feel, not how they would look to others. Thirteen years ago I noticed my thoughts and saw that they were based on antiquated beliefs. Thirteen years ago I learned it takes courage to appear to fail. Thirteen years ago I started to practice assessing rather than judging and discovered I have fabulous flaws and I celebrated them…

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This morning as Lucky and I were taking our walk I looked out over the ocean and felt the most intense feeling of gratitude wash over me. Thoughts of my grandmother; she was an artist, a violinist and a free spirit. She always wanted to live in Laguna, enchanted she called it her sleepy little seaside retreat and talked about taking her easel and painting along the cliffs, smelling the salty air, hearing the seagulls announce the arrival of a new day. Today the magnitude of it hits me…Her dream is my dream and I am living it!!!

Thirteen years ago I gave myself permission to see myself through a fresh lens. What would happen if you gave yourself permission?

Live your best life… You deserve.

In light and with love,

Teri Hunter ~ http://www.terihunter.com