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It never ceases to amaze me how Spirit communicates when I’m paying attention. It happened all the time when writing Word Vibration of the Week. I’d pull a word and it would be spot-on for the dynamic of that week, both for myself and many of you who read it.

Much the way I threw words in a bowl, in the 2.0 version of my blog I have written down topics and have been pulling one weekly to write my perspective on. This week the topic is “Laughter, are you doing enough of it?”

So here’s where Spirit steps in to mess with my mind… That evening on AGT there is a contestant who is a “Laughter” Coach!!!! She got up on stage and proceeded to laugh. It didn’t take long before she got buzzed off. And I will admit, I thought she was a little dorky, laughing at everything. I wondered if she was for real? Could she really be so happy while the audience booed her and Simon rolled his eyes?

Sign #2… The very next morning, Lucky and I are on our walk when we stumble upon a group of people practicing “laughter” therapy on the beach. They are literally standing in a circle, patting each other on the back and laughing at thin air. (I hope you are laughing right now, because I am.) Again, I sort of looked at them and thought… oh i’m being judgy right now but I think those people are probably lunatics.

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Sign #3… Two days later we see them again!!!!! Mind you, Lucky and I have been taking this walk daily for 4 years and never have we seen these people before. Now twice in two days!!!!! Suddenly this huge wave of rockous laughter rolls over me. I side-eye them cause I’m afraid if one of them sees me looking they’ll know I think they are a few donuts shy of a dozen. No adult person in their right mind would be caught dead… another wave a laughter rolls over me.

“Why don’t we ever laugh like that anymore?” a familiar voice whispered in my head. “It’s so much fun.” My heart sank. “Have you forgotten?” she asked. “No, I remember.” “Then why don’t we do it more?” I didn’t really have an answer. She went on “Remember the time…” her voice skipping down memory lane, reminding of people, places and things that truly made me laugh from the depths of my being.

“You know those people look like lunatics?” Resigned she sighed, “Only grown-ups would say that.” I started to argue “Look at them…” With a giggle she said “Don’t they look like they’re having fun? Like that scene from Mary Poppins.” Flashbacks of my sister and I sitting on our beds, trying to laugh as hard as we could so we would rise to the ceiling like Burt, Uncle Arthur, Jane and Michael. I love to laugh…. hahahahaha…. long and loud and clear…. I love to laugh…. hahahahahahhahaahahahhaa…

Flaring nostrils, torso rocking and the next thing you know one of us is holding our pants and running for the bathroom. And with that thought I laughed out loud.

As I have gotten older I think I have forgotten the importance of being silly, acting like a kid and laughing for no reason at all. I tend to get caught up in the business of life, being practical, acting responsibly. While I’m not ready to stand on the beach and laugh at the air, I am willing to let the child inside out to play a whole lot more. She deserves the break, and if I’m smart, she’s the one who’s going to keep life fun.

When was the last time you laughed so hard you….

The picture is of my dad, my sister on the left and me (inner child included) on the right. Have a great week and happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there.

In light and with love,

Teri Hunter

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