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Hi Everyone,

Recently I have been introduced to live streaming media, specifically a website called Blab http://www.blab.im. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Blab, (and hopefully I wasn’t the only one) it enables up to four people to have a live face-to-face conversation from anywhere in the World. Others can watch the conversation and comment, if they choose, in the side chat.

After a few weeks of watching the interactions, it struck me that people were meeting on a regular basis and real relationships were being forged. It doesn’t matter that one person is in Los Angeles while another is in London, and another in Rhode Island, and yet another in Australia. Friendships are being carved in the present moment, which is “technically different” for each person. My mind giggles at the idea that it is Wednesday in one location and Thursday in another, dusk and dawn, summer and winter all simultaneously as these world citizens share their lives with each other.

I am witnessing people, (who just a few years ago would not have access to each other) create true, invested relationships with one another. I am excited to see people curious about each other and the differing cultures and customs only to find common threads that weave us together in unity.

I have seen people stay on the site all night long to support someone who lives alone and is under-the-weather or in a compromised emotional state. During these exchanges, each person is in the moment together, time and space having no barring what-so-ever. The Earth and its inhabitants are being offered opportunities generations before only considered Science Fiction.

I feel blessed to watch time as it bends, and stretches, replacing rigid lines with open spaces. Finding connectedness where there was once separation. And with that thought… does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care… about time?

Enjoy…  https://youtu.be/jgF_ycCmF18

In light and with love,

Teri Hunter http://www.terihunter.com phone: 949| 715.4175