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Hi Everyone,

Week 20!!!! Welcome back to my blog. The official site of Word Vibration of the Week (WVOW). My intention for this blog is to create a community where we can share our thoughts and ideas about how words resonant with our energy. I look forward to your comments and our discussions. For those of you familiar with these posts, please feel free to jump to the next paragraph. For those of you new to my posts here is a brief description of Word Vibration of the Week.

I have always been fascinated with the idea that words carry a certain vibration, an energy of their own. My fascination is fueled by the idea that two words having similar meanings can feel vastly different energetically. I wanted to know how particular words landed on other people. Do they feel a word’s individual character like I do? Do other people notice how the words we use, in large part, create the experience we are having? I decided to write random words, 103 to be exact, on pieces of paper. I folded them into little squares and tossed them into a bowl. Each week I will draw a new word and post how this word feels to me, energetically. These words are the basis for my interactive post(s), “Word Vibration of the Week.” I invite you to join me each week and share how each WVOW lands on you.

Week 20 – AVOID

This picture of a guy with his head in the sand says everything I feel about the word AVOID.  It’s hard to breathe let alone see how he can get out of whatever he is trying to AVOID from this position. I have never  been one to AVOID something.  The very idea that something is hanging over my head makes me anxious.  You know that icky WVOW #20 AVOIDfeeling of having one’s ass in the wind and a big old storm is on it way.

Personally, I prefer to look a situation straight in the eye and confront it.  It may not be a pleasant situation but I’d much rather get it over with than AVOID it.  Whatever I AVOID will inevitably come back to haunt me.  Not a pleasant thought for me so I tend to AVOID avoiding.

How does the word AVOID resonate with you?

I look forward to your thoughts.
As always, in light and with love,
Teri Hunter