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I was sitting on my balcony quietly looking out over the Pacific Ocean.  My gaze mesmerized by the rhythm of the water’s flow.  Like a baby being rocked back and forth I could feel myself drifting off into that place where dreams are made.  That’s when I saw it – out of the corner of my eye.  The spray from the blow hole.  It’s that time of year I thought, the Grey Whale is migrating down the California coast line.

Excitement pulsated all the way into my toes — was I about to experience something few are privileged enough to see?  That’s when the curl of her humpback broke the surface before plunging deep into the dark blue water below.  I held my breath.  She was so close to shore apparently coming to feed in the popular diving cove where I live.

Suddenly, like a rocket she came bounding out of the ocean.  I could see her tiny little eye shimmer in the sunlight – BAM – she crashed back onto the water ~ belly exposed like a scene out of National Geographic.  Adrenaline coursing through my veins I looked around to see who else had witnessed such a miracle of nature.  A nearby boat had been following her, did they see it?  BAM – she barreled through the surface AGAIN.  As if saying “in case you didn’t get the message the first time!”

Not once but twice she breached the ocean surface. Talk about a rarity – something so special it defies even the grandest of words.  Sayings like “a gift from God” and “it’s a miracle” seem small and insignificant.

Once my heart stopped racing I looked up the meaning of ‘whale’ in my power animal guide book. According to this book whale represents “Honoring Your Soul’s Purpose.” The timing of my whale sighting could not have been more perfect. I have been feeling an increasing call to Service.  As Ghandi said “Be the Change You Wish To See In The World.” Being an intuitive, a seer, a psychic I have been acutely aware of the Earth’s vibration and the need to shake off the lower energies we have allowed to fester.  I am here, at this time and in this place, to facilitate the higher vibrations.

Now, whenever I look out the window overlooking Grandmother Ocean I’m reminded of that whale and her special message to honor my connection to Spirit, to embrace these changing times and my Soul’s Purpose in them.

In light,